Our health and safety standards
Your safety is our top priority.
Our fleet complies with the health and hygiene regulations currently in force.
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Our health and safety standards

> Our health and safety standards

To ensure you have complete peace of mind on every trip, we have made some changes to our service:

• Before your trip even begins, your driver will have completely cleaned and disinfected the vehicle using suitable and certified products, with a broad bacterial spectrum, approved by the Ministry of Health and supported by a subsequent ozone treatment. A hand sanitizer will be placed on the back seat.

• Each vehicle is equipped with a plexiglass partition.

• Drivers will always wear face masks and provide one to each guest if needed.

• The drivers will offer to assist you with your luggage and disinfect the handles after handling.

• The driver opens and closes the door for you and, for your safety, guests will only be able to travel in the rear seats.